• rabindrasoni 5w

    The clouds made many a image,
    Some were happy and some in rage,
    I saw two worriers in a scene,
    Fighting furiously for the green,
    Which was a grass for immortality
    For it one had to maintain nobility,
    No one could kill each other,
    Not even stab or smother,
    Then they could only win,
    If they allowed first other to do the sin,
    Both were valiant no one was weak,
    But there was need a chance to seek,
    Then the first worrier with a lion head,
    Acted like the tears he had shed,
    Cunningly he shouted at the second one,
    Who with a pig head started to shun ,
    Then stopped suddenly as he realised ,
    That the lion worrier had emphasized,
    The pig worrier ran so fast,
    Then reached a mason spread vast,
    Where he saw the green grass matter,
    Pounced on to get but later,
    As first was the swan who came,
    Under the weather in the pouring rain,
    Got the green grass of the mango tree,
    Flew far away set himself free,
    Then those worriers disappeared by then,
    There were no longer them nor their kin,
    All the clouds dissolved in the sun,
    I was looking that rapture with fun,