• vivek_utters 5w

    Midnight Cuddles..

    Is it that easy?
    To forget that night.
    When you and me together,
    Cuddled with a love bite.

    My fingers grasping yours,
    Like a jigsaw puzzle.
    And together deity said,
    We make the best couple.

    Your hands went down,
    Wrinkled the bed sheet.
    You'll be mine forever,
    When the day and night meet.

    It's still midnight,
    Outside it's hazy.
    With all you've got,
    You're driving me crazy.

    Stars enhanced your allure,
    With the moon on stand-by.
    I promise you dear,
    I'll never let you cry.

    Your lips were so lofty,
    Like they'd wholly own mine.
    I'd stay with you up,
    Till the next sunshine.