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    Dilapidated Hallucinations

    Constrictive air retrapped within his blank stare • 
    Unable to see clear, what happened to yesterday? •
    Tomorrow is a breath away from being shunned •
    He prayed and prayed to truly be loved •
    Time has swallowed the lonely man's heart beat • 
    Like within the shadows •
    Completely awestruck by misery • 
    Banished stifled rhetoric •
    Blatant to deliver satire embraced agony • 
    Time bandit •
    Murderous wasted time sleight of hand •
    He is master planning it •
    A mind that works like a master plan •
    Jumbled desire •
    Destined turmoil embedded inner peace • 
    Inner thoughts •
    Subconscious rights and wrongs •
    Dedicated to the mind of this mad man • 
    Belligerent focus haunted inside of me •  
    Mirror reflection because he is I • 
    Shattered impulses cannot look him in the eyes • 
    Quicksand heartache devoured memories held deeper than deeply inside • 
    Eagerly anticipating yesterday's pain all over and over again • 
    Six feet deep with those clutched miserable whispers • 
    " Come to me to be safe! " •
    The voices race •
    Arduous mind state lingers • 
    Where are her gentle whispers? •
    Those cute sexy giggles? •
    Biting the lip nibbles? •
    He begs for her scent in what lingers • 
    Bullet ridden bulletproof vest itchy trigger finger • 
    33 Chapters all the stars fell out the sky •
    Mason master crafter •
    Illuminated in the now and in after •
    Murder she wrote •
    Engraved another grave dripping down his face • 
    Entranced by the shadows shadow • 
    Lucid last breath •
    Vivid kiss forever hexed •
    Lucifer loved him to death • 
    3 lifetimes swimming in a shallow grave •
    Under lock and key psychological mind fuck •
    He smokes clovers chest full of luck •
    Eternal rains raining down on his face • 
    6 more forever’s unbreakable chains • 
    Mundane rage evaporated toxicity •
    Dirt and shit underneath a cage • 
    Dead man walking •
    Slow your pace • 
    Bet back 3 6 9 • 
    Alien blood twisted alien DNA • 
    Lost hope lost soul lost thoughts he lost his way • 
    Brains blown back bloody mess •
    Blood splatter all over the place • 
    Loneliness bleeds from his yammered laughter • 
    Brain matter saturated 6 pages of 6 chapters • 
    Double down blank face emotionless clown • 
    Under a rock taunted by a hard place • 
    Fade to black can’t stand his reflection • 
    Slap to the face crucified begging for his resurrection • 
    Fork in the road blood oath blood of a goat • 
    Vowed undying love • 
    Signed over my soul • 
    963 more reasons left to go • 
    I left 3 baker dozen of his favorite black wilted long stem roses • 
    39 and 6 in the middle •
    Look him in the eyes and wipe that spital •
    Aimlessly searching bound by devious determination • 
    Honeymoon on the Dark-side of the Moon • 
    Memorized 33 vows I will whisper to you • 
    Inside her mind, body and soul • 
    The sin swimming in his heart has it's beat upon you •
    You know it would be a lie if you whispered it not to be true •
    It yearns it craves it cries for her • 
    Her is she and she is you •
    Emptiness loneliness everything and nothing to declare that heart has died for her • 
    6 riddles 6 rose petals 6 stories to describe a vague blur • 
    Venomous rainbow venom attached to the broken heart • 
    Lost soul stuck spinning around inside the madness of the blistering cold • 
    He begged God to buy back his battered soul •
    Couldn't swallow life no more •
    “ Did you pay the toll? “ •
    Blind Faith lost again and again without a piece of hope • 
    He stays lost no matter where he goes • 
    Embedded the simple solace of solitude • 
    Fire in his eyes seduced by her honesty • 
    3rd degree burn from the utterance of the truth • 
    He will crave her far past an eternity • 
    She has the key that unlocks all that's inside of me • 
    I am him so he is I •
    Shared image of 33 3's • 
    He kisses her every night • 
    The Angel whispers in his dreams • 
    Darkness torments • 
    Whispering Demons • 
    Hand on the Bible cold shower his body is overheating • 
    Bloody Mary bloody confession booth blood on his hands • 
    Suicide circles insomniac teardrops •
    Stranger in a strange place strangely misplaced • 
    His mind is wired like a ticking time bomb • 
    No filter twilight zone mind of a clone •
    Tormented and tortured in his mind running blind all alone
    Chasing the thin air clouds of THC smoke •
    Hangman's noose can't make him choke •
    Enticed entirely different from most •
    Prophets are chosen Ones •
    Lopsided dilapidated poetry touching nerves •
    Unnerving everyone •
    His life created the learning curve •
    He is me to the 3rd skeptically advanced beyond absurd •
    Couldn't fathom couldn't ponder •
    Her he never deserved •
    He taught but the blind cannot learn how to manipulate every single word •
    Devil behind my mischief within utter chaos throughout •
    His heart cannot be found •
    Pendulum swaying • 
    He is in too deep to turn around and around cannot find stable ground •
    Look around look around you •
    You found him but it was I who loved you •
    Painted happiness on the blank mask •
    Father Time slapped Mother Nature •
    A kiss left a kiss misplaced poison laced upon witty plans to escape •
    Love conquers hate but not with what stares back at his confused face •
    Murder and mayham redrum without a trace •
    Buried 6 feet deeper than 6 feet deep •
    Waist deep in toxic waste •
    9 steps away 3 feet of space •
    He loved with all his heart all my being •
    Wasted time bought back •
    Emotionally ambushed public enemy point blank •
    Quiet your thoughts but never ignore his poetic art •
    In the blink of an eye •
    His hidden riddles will always make her smile •

    Kiss on the forehead not one teasing goodbye •
    Boo… •
    I’m ghost •
    His heart lost it’s beat his eyes foggy with no pulse •
    Boo… •
    8 2 9 8 2 21110 •
    3 3 3 •
    6 6 6 •
    9 9 9 •
    1 9 7 1 4 •
    I’m no more!!! •
    Him and I will for her eternally adore… •
    Rest in paradise searching soul •
    08291975-10082019 •
    3 3 3 •