• cheri224 6w


    Miserable to recall
    Like a volcano's
    About to erupt
    Fearful! to loose
    A diamond ?
    I thought

    Gummed unto ma heart
    So lost in polluted breeze
    The days were doomed
    What a sloth!
    Rises in slow

    The moment removed
    Felt free
    From solitude
    Irrational irritations
    Of disappointments
    And dishonesty

    Gone the day
    To think of you
    Gone the day
    to cry for you
    Gone the day
    to suffer for you
    Gone the day
    the incurable
    Gone the day
    of insanity
    Gone the day
    Of bizarre moments

    Here it comes
    To feel alive
    ToI feel optimistic
    To feel important
    To feel complete
    The day to rewind and rewind
    Each day is a memory
    For me to think
    For me to cherish
    For me to yearn

    For me to smile
    To laugh aloud
    To think of you
    As fresh as you
    Such a morning breeze
    Am so in love
    With you my love
    My cherishable cheri
    True you are
    I live for you
    Indeed you are
    My dream come true