• deepak_pt 10w

    "I want to be with you always."
    "I want you to stay near me all the time."
    "I want both of us to die together."
    Heart-touching phrases. Isn't it?
    You know what?
    This is the most beautiful dream of my life.
    Unfortunately i live in the reality part of the world.
    Dreams are born everyday here but don't survive for too long.
    That is how this dream of mine crops up every night and dies very soon too.
    Yes..Cursed my life is..But that is how destiny works. Right?
    See..I keep counting every day as if it is my last day of this life.
    Do you want to know the reason?
    I don't know how many days or months, I can cling to this reality of love.
    See..As long as life takes you away from me, I will stick around to absorb the slightest glance from somewhere near you.
    What would happen after that?
    I don't know but i know something for sure.
    Yes..This is how true love works. Right?