• kaziwrites 22w

    Descried Lovers

    Once a while,
    while I were in juvenile
    My thoughts, beyond,
    dreams and slumber gone,
    ogling the Moon
    I sang these line,
    poetry of mine,
    you sing my tune,

    “Be it the day,
    Be it the night,
    all I can hear,
    is the giggle,
    you had, in delight”

    Hearing me speak,
    she couldn’t stay away,
    neither restrained,
    beguiled in my verse
    So did she, implode,
    joy not unknown, but this,
    was much known, behold
    she made me feel alive, my abode

    “Be it the day,
    be it the night,
    the feel of presence,
    of your,
    triggers my sight”

    -Kazi and a friend