• devanshi21 5w


    It hurts when i realise uh r real parents
    You said it with a brutal smile
    It would have been good if u died
    I dont know what wrong i did to them
    But it feels like u thoughtfully started this never ending fight
    You always judged me compared me
    Was i didnt worth ur time?
    Your self virtue was so high
    That you didnt even saw me cry
    Uh never trusted me never believed me
    Was that all because i disagredd?
    I didn't wanted this things at all
    The life i wanted has turned into a dream i will give to my child
    I always tried but u shuted me down
    We had the realtion of blood
    Was that the reason of ur frown?
    I wanted respect acceptance trust love
    But ur pride was so high
    Uh fucked me up
    Nd left me to cry!!!