• tess_lauren 30w


    To this one person I loved
    Is it okay if I leave? I feel really sad to leave you like this but it hurts more to hold on. There were times where I should have left but I still stayed back for you. I know we are doing fine these days but something inside me tells me to leave you because we are not gonna end up together in the end. I know you won't like it if you knew about my plan. But this is for the both of us. I know I am a coward for letting you go due to the fear of getting hurt but my dear tell me will you stand at the end of the path that I took for you? You will hesitate to answer this question of mine and so let me take my safety measures. I know you have never been hurt by me because I keep coming behind you everytime you turn your back. This time I beg you not to turn back because I have taken that right cut which you never saw. It will be hard on me too but I am going to try harder. This was never your fault. So please don't blame yourself. I hope I will meet you after years with the person you chose. Now all I have is a goodbye.

    With sorry,