• lethal_turkey 47w

    Losing My Mind

    I've tried and I've failed,
    And I'm losing my mind,
    I got a glimpse of light,
    But all it did was turn me blind.

    It's another sleepless night,
    Trapped in my own fucking mind,
    I'm searching for my sanity,
    But that's the one thing I can't find.

    I tried to search who I am,
    Or where's my mind at,
    But this time,
    I don't even wanna get it back.

    So I could finally stop worrying about losing it,
    And now I just feel like I'm falling in a pit.

    A pit so deep that I couldn't see where it ends,
    Am I getting back up? Well it depends.

    Whether I wanna get back up,
    Or I just wanna be wasted,
    A taste of near-death,
    That I've already tasted.

    After being alone nearly all of my life,
    I don't need the pit, I could just grab a knife.

    But the only thing that really is keeping me alive,
    Is the pain that I'll go through the moment I die.