• aroma_gracie 23w

    One Woman, One Man

    It's been a long time
    So long my words become meaningless
    My voice unheard.
    But I know it's my fault
    I kept my feelings in the dark.

    Now I can only pretend
    That I am your friend.
    That's all I can do
    Even if it hurts me so,
    I still want you to know.

    There's a woman who loves you so
    A woman who can't say I love you
    In my mind, I hold your hand
    Thinking I'm the one who makes you smile
    There's always you in my heart.

    Wherever you are, whatever you do
    My eyes always look at you
    Missing you, loving you from afar
    Cherish you with all my heart.
    though it hurts me so
    I still want you to know.

    There's a man who don't know I'm like this
    Theres a man who doesn't know I love him
    I know it's foolish to love you secretly
    But I hope someday you'll know
    That the man I dream of is you.