• dee_tour 6w


    You may be hard headed,
    but you are whole hearted
    You maybe too sensitive
    But you are sensible
    You may appear fragile to care so much
    But when you love you love deeply
    You may get attached too easily
    But you can adapt sooner or later
    And all you want is to feel secured and loved
    Hopelessly romantic yet you crave commitment
    It takes love and only love to unlock your smouldering fire
    Cause you're intensely passionate with fierce desire
    You empathize with everyone's pain and suffering
    You are gentle and compassionate
    You are a carer and a protector
    With the power of a ruler
    Like the moon you are changing
    Deep within the soul
    Maybe now you are feeling empty
    But soon you will feel whole
    Devour your monsters and turn up your vulnerable side
    You'll find your true love as you no more need to hide
    And don't you ever forget to love yourself
    as you are a real gem inside