• zoe_thile 5w

    Broken soul

    Broken soul
    Stop selling your self cheap
    Your eyes are worth the oceans view
    Your smile goes across the deepest sea
    Your lips move like the calm waves
    Your mind is an extra ordinary Mistry land

    Your potion never faded
    You just needed more
    Your love never stopped because
    They were like trees
    Your heart needed more but ashes is
    What you got and still accepted the
    Gift even tho it hindered your soul
    And murdered your heart

    Tears broke down spiritually
    Physically you ran to the toilet and
    Convinced your self to stop
    Emotionally you were just trying
    But mentally you felt pressured

    Sometimes I wish I could just sell
    My mind because of it's impatient
    Tendencies to sustain what's not there
    Sometimes I wish I could change it because of
    Trying when what's in front of you are
    Just confused winds
    Most of all I wish I had your brain
    So I could ignore what's in front of me
    And take a picture of the end of the sea

    If you could feel what I go thru
    Would you still love me the same!?
    I saw me open up during the day
    But as showers came down I enclosed myself
    Not knowing I was still open to pain and lust
    All because i was a broken soul!!!...