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    8th September, 2019
    || 12.54 pm ||

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    || It's their emotion not your rule ||

    The canvas of love
    does not crave for
    pink and blue flowers.
    It adores
    the fusion of pink and blue
    and a rainbow too.
    Love is love.
    It just weaves a fairy tale
    where two souls entwine.
    It does not recite a poem
    where two opposite shades live.

    Hey doll, they will ask you
    to be friends with barbies
    but make you create
    your world with the one
    who wears suit.
    Hey boy, they will want you to
    spend your childhood with someone
    who plays football
    but ask you to bring
    a queen in your castle.

    They say love is free
    then they plant thorns of blue and pink
    in the path of red road.
    They create defination of love,
    make a boundary of culture
    give their own labels to love and
    write rules on the wings of the free bird.

    Love doesn't wear the tiara of gender
    It just wants two souls in its garden,
    holding roses.

    Emotions are simple,
    feelings are true and
    love is pure.
    Just some minds are
    complex, false and impure.

    Love needs human
    not two opposite poles.

    ~Let love be an emotion,
    don't make it a rule. ~


    - Anjali