• piyuldwivedi 6w

    You were a nubivagant
    Selling dreams to clouds
    I - an utter disappointment
    Burying all your prouds

    Your eyes used to scintillate
    Even in the stygian phase
    My eyes just inscriminate
    The sins I can not erase

    Lively flowers, you crave(d)
    Unaware of the dynamic life
    I pick flowers for my grave
    Life and me have a big strife

    The verses you had unrope
    Bewitchingly used to bloom
    But here even if I lick hope!
    Then too there's all gloom

    You were an orbed butterfly
    Searching smiles in scowls
    But I have "fault in my sky"
    A void made of glum fouls


    Here 'you' refers to my younger self.

    This is purely non-fiction, I had a really bad day yesterday and I just cried the entire night and reminisced that how I used to be different when I was a kid. I just feel too frustrated rn. This year has totally changed me, I'm not the bright student I used to be just the last year, I'm not me anymore I feel.

    @thewordplayer you suggested to write a letter but I couldn't help but write a poem.

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