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    It's about the most self absorbed species, Us!

    The Prodigal 'son' is a popular parable in the Bible, a son leaves home and squandered all the �� that his father gave. He realises his mistakes and comes back home only to find his father waiting for him who takes his son in his arms.

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    The Prodigal Man

    How dare She challenge my supremacy?
    For I, am the most evolved of all species;
    might be Her creation, but no more at Her mercy,
    I've harnessed the earth’s core with no treaties.

    Witnessing what lies beyond the veil of darkness,
    is what my kin has achieved despite Her harshness.
    And now, with the wisdom to create life on my tips,
    I’m no more in my old hag- Mother Nature’s grips.

    My life is not merely Her gift but mine to own,
    I’ve genetically cured the petrifying ailments;
    The cup She so generously over-poured.
    Hence, proving that my life is no more on loan.

    And just when I sat to celebrate my conquests
    Her wild winds broke my wings of triumph,
    I crashed and succumbed to Her comforting arms,
    Enlightened, I’m now stuck on a thought:
    “Can I ever be greater than my Creator?”