• bluemoon287 6w

    To my friends that I have now and my furture friends I still have to make.

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    Face the facts...

    We knew it was coming. The day that we have a party in honor of our new lives starting. We all tried to stay close in the friend group. Some how we all didn't stay that way. It hurts to see your best friend walk away on the path of the unknown. It's also kinda scary to start on your own. We all can't stick together like we used to but that's alright. We all knew it was going to happen. So, is it really a surprise? Of course not. No matter how life pulls us apart or what fights come between us all. My friends are my family in my heart and soul forever. I know it sounds sad. To know that I might never see that person I love so dearly again. I know though that love works in all different ways. I hope you know that I'm always here for you! So, don't ever think no one loves you. Because that's not true, I'll always love you no matter the mistakes you make. We've just got to face the facts and move on with life.