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    "I stood there, as she stared at me. I winked, she winked back. I smiled, she smiled back. I drew my tongue out and so did she..." she stopped to take a breath and continued. "My reflection in the mirror. I pitied her. She was bound to follow my expressions. I wonder if she was alive in that another dimension. I wonder if she knew anything about the very existence of freedom itself. And, it makes me think--" she stopped again. This time, the pause lasted longer. She rolled up her eyes and stared out of the window, watching the never ending meadow outside. It gave me a chance to look at her necklace. A little buzz lightyear hanging by a tiny thread through his jetpack around her neck. "--And, it makes me think. What if I am a reflection of someone that I don't know about. The thought scares me. What if I am a mere reflection of a greater being. What if, all I am doing right now is just a fraction of something that already has been done by someone..!" 

    She turned around and buried her head in the book, leaving me all by myself in the storm of thoughts. "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!", read the book cover. But I got distracted by the sweet aroma which had spread all over the compartment. The lilies in her long curly hair, which made her look like a fairy who had lost her way from the heaven. I never believed in plucking a flower from a sapling, but she made me question my choice. The gentle breeze coming from the window was giving her hair a momentum. Silver hair with yellow lilies and I had to rethink about my favorite colour. I heard the wheels screaching as I witnessed the trees started slowing down outside. She started packing her bag. The train was stopping and so was my heart.

    "Well, this is my stop. I guess this is the goodbye." she killed the silence and all of a sudden, my heart felt a bit heavier. 

    "Oh. Well, it was nice meeting you." I replied out of formality as she stood up with her bag and turned around. I stuck my head towards the window to see her one last time and I succeeded.

    "See ya." I almost yelled. 
    "Let's hope." She replied and disappeared into the distance as the train started accelerating. She was gone with a fraction of my soul taking with her. 

    I went back to my seat and saw her book lying on the seat with a lily on it. I inhaled the lily and opened the book, just to find a name written on the top left corner of the first page. Rose. 



    Picture Credits - unknown.

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