• lutfat 6w


    Tick-tock!!! Tick-tock!!!
    The clock is ticking
    The Bell is ringing
    The time is going
    Seconds by seconds
    Minutes is reading
    Hour is counting
    The sun is shining with fiery
    The rain is falling with fury
    The moon coming out in his humble regalia
    The blue-black skies adorn with the shining galaxies
    Day by day
    The cries of a newborn engulf the atmosphere
    Day by day
    The mournful dirge of a person is sung
    Tick-tock Tick-tock
    Days are counting
    Turning into weeks
    Weeks turning into months
    Months into years
    Years into decades
    And decades into century
    What you have to do
    Do quick
    Coz' Time is money
    And its awaits no one

    © Ayilara Lutifat ✍️