• devryshi 24w

    Fly in love-Part 2

    "So you adjust your watch when you are nervous?
    she asked suddenly
    "Umm no. I think. .l. Yeah" I finally was able to answer
    "So this nervousness, its because of the first time or
    are you afraid of heights? she asked
    This girl is surely a witch. How can she even know
    am afraid of heights, I thought
    "Umm.. Heights'l replied
    Oh I see she said and became silent once again
    After 2hour-like minutes of silence she spoke again
    "will you mind, if I try something with you?" she
    "Like some dark magic stuff?' I joked
    She laughed. I smiled
    "No not like that, something else. Bright magic she
    said sarcastically.
    "If I get to experience magic with a magical girl, i
    won't resist" | firted
    She smiled.
    "Okay. Now be a good boy and stop flirting" she
    said as she began to rub her palms together
    She brought her hands close to my head and
    touched my forehead and began to move it by the
    "Close your eyes and relax''she advised
    She is a magician. my nervousness was began to
    subside. My playing with my watch was stopped.
    "Comfortable. now?" she asked
    "Yes" I replied
    "My dad had the same fear, so my mom used to do
    this" she informed
    My smile dropped. She noticed again and asked,
    "What happened?"
    "My mom and dad died when I was 3" I replied a
    tear escaped from my eye
    "I am sorry'She replied and turned silent,"Do u like
    Damn! She knows everything about me
    "How do you know? I asked
    She just smiled and took out a chocolate bar from
    her clutch. She opened it and handed me. I took a
    "l am not gonna let you eat all' she took the bar and
    took a bite
    I was feeling something I haven't ever felt before.
    "So youre from where?" l asked
    'Bong Girl' she flaunted
    "Bong Guy, myself. But from Assam"I replied
    I love Assam she exclaimed
    "I love you'l wanted to say but stopped myself.

    Yes! I was in love. I know almost nothing about her
    but still there was something l feel about her that is
    making me want to know her. want to love her
    15hours left in this journey and to then l have to
    express my love. But how?