• abhidha 26w

    Let the glitters dash aloft the welkin,
    Let the glitters rest upon the Saturn's ring.

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    A huge ball of gas,
    dressed up in flames,
    lights up the celestial sphere,
    With one ray which reverberates,
    Till the end.

    With hurricane in their genesis,
    And wonders in their nucleus,
    They drift across the comets,
    And cherish their blemishes.

    Their glaze brush the dark sky,
    Glimmering the day with ebullience.
    People marvel at this dynamic artistry,
    As it fuels zeal beneath the carapace.

    The flare continues to charm all day,
    Till the charismatic moon intervenes.
    The sky begins to sing at her collision,
    Stars watching their enticing love story!

    Bittersweet moments soon turn over,
    As the moon rises from the horizon,
    And the sun bitterly fades away.

    They bid each other a final goodbye,
    With an undying hope to meet again.