• dante_vialdores57 23w

    3/16/2018: Place In My Mind (Revised)

    When you're here my god when you're here
    Everything feels in place
    This place in my mind is peace of mind
    And I don't mind when people question
    Our relationship
    Because they'll never understand
    What you do to me
    The place in my mind
    Relaxes my senses & I can see clearly
    For some time it felt like my soul
    Had a huge hole
    But with your strength and passion
    It filled it and everything now is in
    The right place
    Ever since I got this piece of mind
    Planted in my body
    I begin a new beginning
    And it starts with me loving our relationship
    Plus that ship filled with critic's
    Has been destroyed
    Because the strong waves of our love did it