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    My Dear ex!

    I deleted all your contacts details,Cleared all messages,incoming,&outgoing emails/calls. Removed all your favorite songs, pictures, and Sreenshots.Deactivated Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and ours favorite late night conversations place Messenger too.
    In shortly,I removed all of your memories physically.

    But the thing is I've never been convincing myself to thinking about you day and night.
    Everyday I am trying to forget you but I am not able to forget you.

    I told you once upon a time that my mind never ever forgets easily.You're stucked in my Heart too .How can I find peace in my life when my brain says lets go and heart says hold on?!
    I wish I could have a dream today's night, (31st March) and in my dream we'll talk upto 2:00am cause tomorrow is April 1st (fools day)

    I wish you could make me fool by coming into my dreams.