• warriorpoet 10w


    Love is a risk. That You'll hate yourself for not taking. For even those who will never have a chance at it.

    it's a gamble worth staking. a mistake they can't help making. even at the risk of being forsaken.

    after being rejected at every turn. and their confidence is left shaken. their still inoculated.

    with a Hope that may one day leave them reawakened. ready to chance another heart breaking. even after they pieced it back together.

    the last time it was left aching. because they know someones out there. that's worth every breath taken.

    and even if believing, means the hurt is hastened. you'll know you rose to the inclination. despite the emotional abrasion.

    just to know they exist within the population. and their ready to love and be loved. without doubt or obligation.