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    I remember her telling me how she loved crocheting ..as I place a beautiful memoir (a beige coloured crochet table cloth ) over another .
    The teak still glistens ..as it must have when it was painstakingly brought to life by him . His atelier I was told was a connoisseur's delight .

    I run my fingers through the carved edges .. a chip here and there doesn't seem to have dimmed her beauty . The top too boasts of scratches ..marks of each decade that slipped by .

    Her kind brown eyes will always remain alive in my memory . As she had eagerly held my hand with her frail dainty ones that day .. and taken me to her room .. whispering inaudibles all along . She then sat me down and after a light kiss on my forehead ..she had pointed to this piece of art . And said ...
    It's yours .
    I want you to have it .

    And I vividly remember that summer evening when amidst a fading day I saw a pearly tear form in her big beautiful eyes .
    She said " This is the most precious thing that I have ever owned and now I want you to take care of it once I am gone " .
    And I said " but grandma it's yours .. you always said that it was a piece of himself that grandpa left behind for you to cherish after he was gone" .
    She lovingly touched the teapoy and said .." Pieces of lifeless things become precious when memories are woven into them " .

    /This piece of furniture right here is my treasure /
    And I can pass it on to only someone who will love and remember me like I did your grandfather .
    That's why it's yours .
    Now that she's long gone ....
    This beautiful teapoy adorns my home .


    Teapoys are considered Indian versions of coffee tables. Typically placed by the side sofas or next to recliners in living rooms teapoys also known as tea tables can be used in a study or balcony as well.

    Memoir - used metaphorically here in context of a thing that holds a record of experiences attached to it .

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    More than a piece of furniture ..
    /Etched with love and memories/
    "Pieces of lifeless things become precious when memories are woven into them " .