• kialove 6w

    Only when

    When i start to think of you and all the things you make me feel, its so unreal . The highs and lows alone, like waves in the ocean, once on my feet know im knocked down ,but i dont make a sound.
    I know im not the only one that is tickleing your fancy, but only when you come romance me ,do i look past all those lows that make me feel so ancy .

    If i must share you so be it but let me say this not concited . The reason you come back so often even when Your not amused of being used Are these eye i make you lost . This longing in your loins this itch im always scratching.

    Got you dancing to my rythem has you hot and heavy fixed on me you wont get that from the whores you keep.

    Only when im here alone do i dare to cast my stones my faults are yours my pains my joys just your alone not many boys not many toys .

    Know i see your shadow getting lost in sheets of heat but this promise i will keep only when its just you and me.