• zohiii 11w

    Lego Set and Dollhouse

    Once in a chequered lane, I saw a shop;
    Flooding with toys to sparkle young ones' eyes.
    Pointing towards the magical realm,
    I urged my father to take us in.
    A wavering vision saw many a delights,
    But it was transfixed on a lego set.
    Older sister was quiet for a while;
    She erupted in cries of wanting a doll house,
    But a glare from our old man hushed her.

    Years later, she found herself a handsome spouse!
    A daughter they had with rosy lips and pink cheeks;
    I was cursed with the love she gave me,
    But father never cradled her in his lap.

    Once when in my room I caressed my lego blocks,
    I heard my sister rampage into the house.
    She yelled in anguish about how her honey left,
    Just because she wanted to buy a doll house;
    Not for herself but for her doll of porcelain.

    The night was tough and she sobbed,
    But a speck of light is brightest in the thick dark.
    Next morning, for everyone it did,
    But not for my dear sister:
    She sliced her wrists and left a note in red,
    "No dollhouse for me but why my innocent daughter?"

    Up to my waist's height, with pearly orbs,
    She stood in front of me with a loving sight;
    Her twinkling shine spoke more than words ever do;
    In the depth of her eyes, I recalled,
    How her mother suppressed her own desires;
    How she died not by the blood loss,
    But I murdered her with the lego blocks:
    Everytime I built it bottom to top she lost a piece,
    And a brick of her dollhouse dropped down.
    She died not the day she was denied her dreams,
    But the day I willingly snatched them to be mine.

    Now to repent, I wish to buy my niece a dollhouse,
    I'm penniless but I could sell the lego set,
    But why?
    When has it ever happened that a dollhouse be built,
    At the stake of a Lego House?

    Why does it
    always have
    to be lego
    built upon
    the ruins of
    many crushed
    bricked with a
    little lady's dreams?