• wiccanwolf 5w

    Witch Hunt

    Names, names  

    You call us names

    You say we aren't real 

    Then what is the fear you feel 

    I'm not a monster 

    I'm just a believer like you 

    Why do you doubt me 

    Why do you laugh at me 

    We exist and are everywhere 

    You just don't see us because were in hiding 

    Cause we’ve been shot before for believing in something just like you 

    Why can’t we all just get along

    Why do you have to hunt us down 

    Why must we be attacked  

    You judge us without knowing us 

    You judge everyone because you think you are superior  

    You made yourselves superior by pillaging everyone else 

    Killing us off was nothing to you just a small star in the endless sky of innocents killed for believing in something  

    We are all the same, we all have faith, we all want good for the world 

    The only thing is that most of us are refugees of the relentless cruelty brought upon us in the name of God 

    Only a handful of you accept us and others but why must the rest of you cast your hand of judgement based on prejudice and lies