• ini_folu 34w


    Is there a pain greater than a pain?
    The pain a mother goes through during childbirth
    The pain a father goes through during the birth of his child
    The mother forgets her pain when she hears the cry of her babe
    The father has sleepless night because of the terror he went through
    And can’t seem to forget the pain on his beloveds face and the sound of tear as his child came
    But he can’t be seen crying as the man he is
    So he sucks it up and cries in private
    Where he tends to his bruised knuckle
    A testament of what went on in the war room
    It was a war
    War between life and death
    It took thirty hours
    But life won
    Anytime he looks at his beloved
    He’s scared to touch her
    For when the next war comes,
    They both may not survive it.