• anjaalliiiii 5w

    --the level--

    Life isn't always about being successful, rich or famous. What's the use of such fame that's fake; or of such riches where people love you for your money; or of such success that doesn't let you rest and it's been forced upon you?!
    Isn't it equal to being caged and trapped? What's the point in missing out little adventures that make us who we are or following what we actually want.
    Somewhere in order to reach "the level" we do drop out on these little things; we put a boulder on our hearts and take up the much trodden path which everyone took and that surely will take us to success.
    We have all been placed on this earth to our own path and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life. A Little bit of notoeirity has never hurt anyone, has it?!
    Break the rules if it sets you free because in the end, it's your life and the choices you make today should not be regretted in future. Live a life you have always wanted!!!