• red_djinn_king 35w

    My Adversary

    Wed Within

    The Arc of Each Smile

    A Virgin Smile

    Your Virgin Smile

    An Adversary, My Adversary

    In a Parasol of Light

    I Am Exhaled in a Parasol of Fire

    Behind a Mirror of Waters

    I Lay Myself to Sleep

    Dreaming, Dreaming

    I Lay Myself to Sleep


    And the Oceans are Teeming

    With a Million Ideas

    A Million Ideas, and Ideas Undone

    Ideas Undone

    And I Slept Beneath the Sunless Sun

    Upon the Lightest Bed You Lay

    Bathed in Flowers

    Wettened by Perfumes

    Nectar Fed

    Hair Unravelled, A Golden Fire

    Upon Each Emerald-Stair

    Drunk On Honey, Drunk On Honey

    Her Exhalation Raised

    Every Ghost from the Grave

    And In Her Arms Stayed

    In Perfect Slumber