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    I hope you all have read Part 1, Those who have not read Part 1, plz ��������
    Both were very happy to meet each other.
    Many things started happening between them.
    Then one day the boy told the girl that you are my crush.
    The girl was very happy to������ know this,
    and slowly she started liking♥ the boys very much.
    After that, the girl used to think of boys all the time,
    she would have liked to talk to him.
    But one day, the boy got angry.
    Because the girl did not talk to him longer than the last night.
    When the girl came to know that the boy was angry,
    she had must try to convince the boys of a lot of love.
    The boy understood the girl's words in the night.������

    Then the boy said to the girl, I want to tell you something.
    Girl ask him what???? Tell...
    The boy said that since we have come in realionship,
    I have a burden on my mind.This is all happening very quickly. I have to focus on my career right now.
    So, all this is not right now. We should focus on our studies right now.And boy said my family is very Believe in me, I do all this to their bleve Can't break.
    So we should break up������������
    The girl had realized that the boy was no longer with her.
    She was completely broken inside. she was crying .
    His believe went completely from boys.
    The girl told the boy you did not do it right.
    And said that you don't worry, I will not be able to msg now.
    And both separated from each other.
    Tell me, how was this story. And what the boy did was right??
    comment me..

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