• the_blup 23w


    To me, loving you all started as a concept
    I was afraid I was an unwanted notion
    I thought you were a dream I'd be pulled from
    Your feelings are invalid and I need confirmation.
    You tell me I'm your sun you orbit to
    But am I really or am I simply a star for your dark days?
    I'll be there for you regardless of your dark days, in fact let me be your light
    But I want to be something special not just something bright
    I truly do love you, I'd do anything for you
    But all I ask is the same
    You make me feel safe, but I wanna know
    Will this remain
    You'll always be the song I sing, especially when I'm down.
    Never in my life with you have you ever made me frown.
    Just know I'll always love you
    Even if you don't love me too...