• tapita 5w

    Skandamata avtra of maa durga

    Skandamata is the fifth avtra of maa durga worshiped on fifth day of navartri,skanda is another name for lord kartikeya,thus skandamata means mother of kartikeya.in this foam durga has four arms,in one hand holds lotus in second and third hand and blesses her devotes with the fourth hand,she rides a lion and sits on lotus for this she also known as padmasana..the story of maa skandamata tarakasura a great demon once pleased lord Brahma with his great devotion and tough penance,he asked lord Brahma to shower his blessing and make him immortal,but lord Brahma denied saying no one can escape death,but trakasura acted smart and asked for a boon that no one accept the son of lord shiva can kill him,since he thought lord Shiva would never get married,when he started troubling people all gods requested to lord Shiva to marry parvati hence he was killed by kartikeya,this avtra of maa durga says about relationship of mother and son..sloka for worshipping maa skandamata,"shubhadastu Sada devi skandamata yashsvini"..may skndamat bless all..