• amdavadibong 10w

    Quarantine the Negatives

    Yes, You read it correct.

    As we Indians get ready for national unlocking in a graded manner,one apprehension is looming large in back of everyone's mind. With India recording highest ever cases per day each day currently, an unlocking at these stage : does it signify a defeat really to the tiny Corona and surrendering to fate and destiny? Everybody knows no one will acknowledge this defeat and still put up a brave face.

    We are humans after all . The smartest ,the most intelligent and the most wise animal race on Earth.
    We are an animal with bloated ego. We will not acknowledge defeat .

    But the petty simple message is this .

    We the Humans have been defeated and will now have to learn to Respect another living organism .

    And in this onward journey , ....no one knows how certain it is to live for another day ....we must learn to enjoy and celebrate each present day more and more.

    Because "Kaal kisne dekha" is no more a bollywood dialogue but a new normal reality .