• disruption 10w

    When the terribly corrosive anxiety
    hits me, I tend to be silent
    Because in silence there is no
    judgement, no rejection, no fear of
    guilt and no fear of losing a beloved.
    When I find myself badly hurt
    I tend to remain silent
    Because while the knife they stabbed
    me with remains half inside
    And when the world that was once
    my reason to hold onto hope turns
    against me, silence gives me home
    It shelters me from my own demons
    Silence is the 'one and only'
    Who becomes my friend on days when
    everyone walks away, especially when
    I needed them to stay. Silence but stays.
    When I find myself bleeding poetries
    on paper because paper listens,
    I tend to befriend silence
    Because when eyes fail to cry enough
    tears, silence says 'yes' to bleeding
    out the everlasting fears.
    When the pieces seem to be falling
    apart, silence sings me to sleep.
    Because why not? Isn't sleeping a
    temporary death? Isn't there an undying
    silence in sleep that makes me want to
    never awaken again? Yes there is.