• lolzaz 34w

    The Water

    I gently dipped my toes into the aquamarine ocean. The coolness calmed me down. It's very cold out here tonight. I rub my hands until they crackle with warmth like a fire.
    Then without hesitating I dive into the world of wonderness, I swim down to the bottom slowly.
    The Topaz sand brings joy to my skin as I run it between my wrinkled hands. A School of Scampi scurry alongside me as I swim towards the top to gasp for air. Then I dive back in.
    The burgeoning seaweed tickles my soft bare feet, As I firmly dive back onto the river bed.
    Now there's a school of clown fish. *Just keep swimming* Rings in my mind as I flashback to "Finding nemo". As the Gentle sun starts to rise, I Rise back from the Underworld, And u go back home. Back in my house, I go to feed the goldfish, And everyone I do so, I remember that lovely day that I dove into a completely other world.