• acrystalgirl 5w

    Time indeed flies so fast
    with the rhythm of life.
    When we were younger
    we wanted to act like elders.
    And now we have locked our
    childishness somewhere,
    in fear of being judged.
    So I'm asking you today to
    hold my hands, dance
    with me in the dust,
    let's remember the childhood
    memories of a carefree soul.
    Remember those dirty clothes,
    stolen chocolates,
    singing of victory songs.
    Beauty in every laughter of innocence.
    Little old heart with
    heavy emotions of happiness
    and feelings of everything.
    Those arms, who used to
    celebrate every fall and downs
    of life with the mom's forehead kiss.
    The smile which used to come
    after seeing those ropey clouds
    and monsters of our nightmares.
    We used to paint each other
    with a joy of color, making those
    shattered paintings with happiness.
    The summer when we
    always wanted to fly high and
    ended being a mockingbird.
    We fought for the little things,
    and they made us even closer.
    It feels like yesterday
    when I cried on your shoulder
    about how I'm afraid of
    letting all go away.
    So what's changed now,
    everything, and
    we don't know
    how to light up our own heart.
    So, open the album of your heart
    to remember what actually
    being human means.