• harshad09 20w

    Thoughts are like Street
    Moving Criss cross
    Twists and turns
    Jerks and churns
    Bends and U turns
    Either way travels
    Paradigm that ravels
    Destinations myriad
    Never ending quests
    Agility tests
    Battlesome haste
    Dirt and mist
    Smoke and grit
    Thoughts ,sometimes, are like street

    Thoughts are like Wind
    Uncontrollable flow
    Speeds debauched or slow
    Unruly directions
    Unrequited navigations
    Speeds lightening fast
    Invisibility unto the last
    Troughs and crests
    East or the West
    North or the South
    Truth from the horse's mouth
    Hurricanes and cyclones
    Sprints and marathons
    Always flowing , blowing mind
    Thoughts ,sometimes, are like Wind

    Thoughts are like Fire
    Heats and flames
    Boons and curses
    Some half burnt verses
    Provocative and combustible
    Irrelevant and irreversible
    Comprising of latent heat
    Productive when utilized neat
    Hazardous if handled without trick
    Turning into ashes , every brick
    Sparked , ignited even by satire
    Thoughts , sometimes ,are like Fire

    Thoughts can be like any element
    Thoughts can be a cause of ailment
    Thoughts are reflections of sentiment
    Thoughts can be pieces of bewitchment
    Thoughts can be parcels of allurement
    Thoughts are personified confinements
    Thoughts , sometimes ,are like compartments