• trickygirl7 5w

    I still want you

    Full of loneliness
    This garden is in bloom
    I tried myself to the sand dune
    I saw you hiding in this garden
    And I know, it's my destiny
    Don't light on me
    I can't approach you
    And you know I can't
    So show you me
    Give you me
    I wear a mask again and gone to see you
    But you were not there, all I can say
    But I still want you
    A flower that resemble you in a garden of loneliness
    I want to give you me
    Taking of my mask
    But I know I have to hide something that can't be forever
    I'm afraid , will you leave me again?
    Still wearing a mask to go to see you
    All I can do
    In the garden, in this world
    After that blooming flowers that resemble your face
    Breathing with me and you know
    But I still want you
    Maybe then ,a little bit
    This much courage to stand in front of you
    Would everything be different now
    I'm crying and collapsed
    In this lonely garden, left alone
    Always looking at the broken mask
    But I still want you!!!