• aynos_arreic 5w

    Just a little civility....

    Can you imagine if your harsh words
    Pushed them over the edge
    That they would have found today worth living
    If you would have said something kinder instead
    Can you imagine being the reason
    Someone wants to die
    Because you have made them feel
    They wasn’t worth it
    And mentally they were weak
    And believed your lie
    Wouldn’t it make you sad
    That your betrayal and deception
    Ended in someone’s loved ones
    Learning a valuable lesson
    Wouldn’t it weaken you to know
    Before they died they prayed for you
    That you would know peace
    An attitude be born anew
    And even sadder it will always weigh heavy on your heart
    When all it took was for you to show some civility
    From the start