• aahila 10w

    Wrinkles of grandma is the significance of her experience in life . The hardships she went through the happiness she cherished through ages. Her struggle of life is less concerns to her well educated london son who open door of old age home on arrival of her loved wife .
    Wrinkles also signifies her patience towards life and these marks also is a symbol of a service she provides to her family and nourished them.
    On other hand .... the experience she gains being a girl to teen to married woman to mother to finally grandmother .....
    The happiness and her anxiety reflects welcome to her new house with his husband in a house unknown .
    The way she manages her self and accomadate herself with family .
    Passing time only when she is able to manage herself to new surrounding and she welcomes her children and engage herself to raise them in humanity for ages but her heart break when her only son leaves humanity and leaves her to old age home.
    Lets show humanity and respect our parents.

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