• thewritingbunny 5w

    The "THIS ONES FOR YOU" Post

    I love it.. being with you. The simplest complication I ever bumped into.

    Talking about 'SED LYFE' over an ungodly amounts of food.. and walking when we both clearly hate to. I love that too.

    Talking about how adorable you are and listening to how shitty look. And the giggling while you are at it.. I love that too.

    Your carless shenanigans I adore.. and your careful consideration too. And the twinkle in your eyes.. I love it too.

    The territorial vibe that you carry and smiles that you induce.. cause that's just who you are. And I love that too.

    Maybe you would murder me and maybe you won't do.. that unpredictably about you is terrifying.. I love that too.

    The too good to be true.. and the wreck of person that's you. The way you balance it all.. I love that too.

    I wonder if I add up to stand by you..
    Your chaos disguised peace.. and I love that too..