• beyond__skies 10w

    When age is just a number for love

    My thumping beats and heart still quick..
    My sight got dull but saw my love....
    Whispered my heart at the age descending..
    A young gentle person try to pretending.....
    No high heels no one piece..
    A saffron white saree beholding peace..
    Humming soft tune and grace in eyes ..
    Holding kanha on that cool night..
    My li'l innocent heart struck up within..
    Nearer to me she stepped to begin..
    Some words of god and holy deeds..
    When age is just a number how can I control my feels....
    Like wave she entered and truly didn't noticed when she went...
    Carried away my heart and am left faint...
    Knows no limit my this true love
    Sunken was me in that glorious curve..
    Whispered my heart at bed to me...
    Age is just a number for love..I see..
    Beneath my depth getting even more crazier
    Beholding crush ..