• anu_iyer 36w

    Happy Mother's Day
    To the moms who are terrible cooks
    Who oversalt the dal
    And burn the chapattis
    Every single time
    Who've googled 'How to change diapers'
    And wished Google translate
    Had an option for babyspeak to English
    To the moms who've spent nights
    Wondering how to make the thing fall asleep
    And wishing for either maternal instinct or caffeine to kick in
    To the moms who sometimes dozed off on the couch watching TV
    And forgot to wake up her kids in time for school
    And when confronted
    Remind them that can always set their alarms,
    They've been playing with her phone since they were two
    To the mom who left her bra hanging on the cupboard handle
    When she slipped it off after a long day of work
    Forgot the sanitary pads she bought on the dining table
    To the moms who never spare the world their feminity
    To the mom who eats her meals first
    And gobble down the dessert when her kids are late for dinner
    Who takes her husband on dates
    When the kids go out with their friends
    To the mom who takes her daughter shopping
    And picks out sleevess, deep-necked tops.
    'Mom, you're going to let me wear that?'
    'Who said it's for you?'
    To the mom who wrapped her children
    In Harry Potter blankets
    And bought them fandom-themed action figures
    Who subjects them to extensive analyses of her favourite books
    When she's done reading them
    Who makes repeated fandom references and tut-tuts her family when they don't get them
    Whose husband has to snatch her novel from her hands
    To remind her that it's 9.30 pm and she hasn't had dinner
    To the moms who forgot their children's favourite colours
    Who bought them terrible gifts
    Who forgot to wish them luck before exams
    Who never called every day
    Who didn't cover them up when they slept
    And never really knew the remedy for the cold they woke up with
    To the moms
    Whom they overlook today
    The imperfect mothers
    Who are doing it all wrong
    The disgraces to maternity
    Who remind us that mothers
    Are not as divine as we'd like them to be
    Happy Mothers Day
    To my kind of women.