• socalledme 31w

    I remember

    You are the one who knows my every fear and love .You are the one who took labour pain for me the most torment of all. You are the one who's loves me selflessly. You are the one who understands me.
    You aremy most beautiful reality.

    I remember the very first day at school when you gave me that new water bottle which i smashed at the entrance in anguish but that was only because i was too scared ,too scared of separation from you.

    I remember that time when i be sitting on chair and you dressing me up for school ,of which the best part was when you had to Do Struggle with my legs to put socks over them and we both used to giggle over that.

    I remember that time when i asked you the reason why you didn't put a belt on my waist which was actually a part of my school uniform and your anwerd that your small hands wouldn't be able to open my pants if i have to pee.

    I remember the time when i used to fight with you to polish my shoes first and more brighter than my brother shoes.

    I remember the day when you secretly putted more Maggie in my lunchbox than my brother just to see the glare of that smile on my face.

    I remember when we both used to go at Parent's teacher meet and when the teacher praises my performance you bought me that Samosa and chocolates from the school canteen making me feel more happier than any other living identity on this planet.

    I remember the time when you used to do shopping for me, the time when i wearing new clothes stood in front of you and you be saying " Now i think we should look for a bride for my handsome boy" and i used to get shy over this .

    I remember whenever i felled sick you be under more distress than any other person. I still remember that look over your face.

    I remember all those moments which make me thank god for giving me You *My 1st precious" , knowing deep down in my heart that you are my unsung God.
    Maa I remember everything thing.... every thing

    The Nine month journey from your womb to now at 18 years 315 days 3 hr and 50 mintues not a single second has passed when i don't feel blessed to have you....
    In the end, I won't say Happy Mother's day because to me everyday is mother's day .