• versemaker 23w

    Mata-hari(Why don't you let me breathe?)

    It's been a long day
    I've crawled down the wrinkles of my skin
    A lost spur kindled under the hurricane
    Of my violeted paradox.
    Can you love a sin and not be a sinner?
    He gave me a rose and I kept it protected
    Under the veil of agony and passion.
    I let it crush my soul as he conquers me
    The pages of the untouched diary
    Was left open and fed by the bird of prey.
    The rose, breathed its last on the crimson bed
    Along with my sanity and serenity,
    And I thought about her, the great Mata-hari
    How she perished under them who broke her,
    I light the hurricane outside
    And waited for the fireflies to visit me,
    Make love endlessly and bring the summer.
    As I hide under the tree
    With a kaleidoscope of lost hopes
    Waiting for a final step to my paradise.