• mondeidah16 6w

    Dear lover

    You expired but your soul intensified
    Your flesh is no more but your soul lives on
    You left without a goodbye but I'm not mad at you
    We can no longer talk but still connect
    We can no longer touch but can still feel you
    We no longer stay over at each other's places but you are able to come by once in a while..

    The dreams we shared are dead but the memories could never die
    We no longer walk together
    We no longer breathe the same air
    We no longer pray together
    But you remain in me, forever in me.
    I'm at peace knowing you did not die but you transitioned to a greater life, where you're fixing a place for me for when I also get there
    When we will hug and pick up on our last conversation...
    Let us still connect until that day..
    Dear Lover ❤