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    - It was a Monday morning and I was in my car on my way to office. I was waiting for the traffic signal light to turn green as I was already late. And then I saw few school kids crossing roads right in front of my car and for few minutes I was so lost.
    I was thinking...

    Someone please take me back to those childhood days when the hardest thing were homework and leaving bed early in the morning, leaving wet towel on bed and breakfast on table were only bad habits.
    Sharing candies or lunch box with friends became the first lesson that sharing is caring. There were no worries to grow old, having a heartbreak or to find a job, and we were just worried about to find more excuses to play more in the evening. First crush or first bestfriend were the only savings in the account of our heart and the fear of result was only nightmare. Saturday was full excitement to make plans for Sunday and Monday morning was full of stories about Sunday.

    School vacations were all about going places, new friends and stories by grandparents at night.
    Somewhere in the middle of endless memories we grew up and took a step into another phase of life.

    And, after seeing those kids leaving for school just made my heart whisper only one thing - Take me back to those childhood days.

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