• peanutbutterfish 11w

    Don't save her

    Told that hoebitch pull up, fight me then or shut up, hope you aint playn n ya shoot back, ten toes down, stay woke trust nobody watching your back.
    Got me Fucked up now you don't wanna catch your fade, such a basic bitch to changing lanes. Should have left him alone but you couldn't stop thottin hoe. It ain't bout him, you can keep that nigga, 20years of friendship make you cold as a Killa,
    You can't even come out your door cuz you stupid scared, there's a line down the block waiting to get their Fair share..
    How you gonna act like you a solid homie like you thugginn it out, when your momma cries in shame bc you can't make her proud. All the lies n licks you got, family and friends are the victims of your cost. World's get lonely and it's getting colder b by the day, you keep doing this shit bc you're to gone to save.