• nirmalya_panigrahi 6w

    Marking steps on the cold sands, light,
    Roused by the scent of a dear delight,
    Walks alone with his caravan, chasing
    The southern star on the summer night.

    Staring at the scribble on the doorway,
    Choking with tears, in the lighted stay,
    Sits alone the fresh father-in-law, reminded
    Of the girl he raised to send off some day.

    Clutching the bars hinged to wall of stone,
    Hymns that his mother had made him learn,
    Sings alone, chained to the dark prison cell
    A delinquent, caught up with sins to atone.

    Not only has passion and desire kept people sleepless dear,
    Dreams, memories and regrets too, have no sleep here.

    © Nirmalya Panigrahi.
    Image by Layla Nowras.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #cees_blue_challenge

    PS:. I almost scribbled about all people that I could relate to in this picture, awaiting your feedback.

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